MOMS Club ® of Douglassville West, PA

MOMS Offering Moms Support ®

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the club?     

To provide support to at home mothers; to organize activities to get the kids together; to share concerns, ideas, and feelings with other mothers; to give mothers more of a voice in the community; to perform community service projects, especially those benefiting children.

How can I benefit from MOMS Club?            

By interacting with other moms you will gain a sense of fulfillment as well as providing your children with new and exciting experiences.

How do I know the club is right for me?   

Not every club is right for everybody. If you are seeking friendship, people with common interests to yours, and support for today's mother, that is what MOMS Club offers.

Can I bring my children to the meetings? 

YES! Children are always welcome!!

Will my family benefit from MOMS Club? 

Yes, we try to plan a couple of family related activities every year. (Family picnic, Trunk or Treat, Holiday party with Santa, etc.)

What kind of activities does the club do?        

Each month our MOMS Club calendar is filled with interesting and exciting events and activities for moms, kids, and families.  Following are just some of the things you could be a part of as a member:

  • Service projects to support organizations in the community
  • Monthly Club Connections Meetings (often with speakers from the community)
  • Fall and Spring Clothing and Equipment Sales (for consigning and shopping)
  • Spring Preschool/Community Activities Fair
  • Field Trips including:
  • Springton Manor
  • Davinci Science Center
  • Berks East Gymnastics
  • Story time at Barnes and Noble
  • Monkey Joe's
  • Amity Park/Playground
  • Longwood Gardens
  • Hopewell Furnace
  • Knoebel's
  • Elmwood Park Zoo
  • Weaver's Orchard
  • Craft Projects
  • Music Times
  • Holiday Parties
  • Moms Night Out (MNO) including:
  • Dinners out and at members homes
  • Group Yoga
  • Movie Nights
  • Spa evenings
  • Game nights
  • Some of our groups/committees include:
  • Book club
  • Knitting club
  • Fit Moms/Walking club
  • Scrapbooking club
  • Newsletter committee - each month members are emailed our fabulous newsletter

Do I have to live in Douglassville to join this chapter? 

Not necessarily, but you do need to live within the boundaries of our club. Our members primarily live in Douglassville, but our club does cover Birdsboro and some of Union Township as well. 

Also, there are two MOMS Club Chapters in Douglassville - The "East" and the "West" (primarily divided by those who live east/west of Old Airport Road).  If you are unsure of which club you belong to, please contact us or contact the International MOMS Club and they can help you find a club in your area.

Can I attend a MOMS Club activity before I decide to join?

Prospective members may attend up to two monthly membership meetings or 1 business meeting and 1 public activity before deciding whether or not you would like to join. We strongly recommend that you attend a monthly membership meeting. Please contact us for meeting/activity details.

Are there attendance requirements?

The MOMS Club does not have any minimum attendance requirements. However, we do want to stress that our success is dependent on our member participation and the group is what you make of it.

Are there membership dues?

There are reasonable yearly dues (please see our Join Us page for details). The dues help pay for room rentals, newsletters, and other supplies. They cover you and your children. We understand that women staying at home to raise their children involve a great financial sacrifice, so there is financial assistance available to those who qualify.

What is included in the newsletters?

All members receive a monthly newsletter that includes a calendar of club events and activities, announcements and articles of special interests to our members and mothers in general. 

What is "Helping Hands"?

During times of need (after the birth of a child, during a family emergency, etc.) we offer all of our members "Helping Hands".  Other members of our group will generously provide meals for you and your family, giving you more time to focus on your family in a time of need.

How do I join MOMS Club?

Contact us for details!